2 days / 15 talks
Awesome and great speakers

January 25-27


Seamlessly empower fully researched growth strategies and interoperable internal or "organic" sources.

Day 1

Thu, Jan 28
Jason Peterson

The content of this event will be known soon

11:00 | Main hall
Ann Coleman

Creative SVG techniques

12:30 | Second floor hall
John Barnes

Small Usability for Start-ups

13:00 | Main hall

Lunch break

14:00 | Restaurant

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Jason Peterson

Symfony2 Best Practices from the trenches

15:00 | Main hall
Jason Peterson

Virtualization for Developers

16:30 | Main hall
Jason Peterson

Animating text fills and strokes

18:30 | Main hall

Cocktail and networking

20:00 | Restaurant

Day 2

Fri, Jan 29
Steven Smith

Natural User Interface Design Workshop

11:00 | Main hall
Mark Lee

Fully responsive custom text layouts

12:00 | Main hall
Brendon Kowalski

How to manage your project’s toolchain

13:00 | Main hall

Lunch break

14:00 | Restaurant
Jason Peterson

The content of this event will be known soon

15:00 | Second floor hall
Alena Holligan

Exploiting the Brain for Fun & Profit

16:00 | Main hall
Jason Peterson

Filling text with gradients and images

18:00 | Main hall


20:00 | Restaurant

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